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It's OK
not to be OK

Normalizing the Conversation.

Prioritizing your mental health is important. Asking for help is a normal part of life, you should never feel you have to take on the world alone. Get informed, know the facts, find your balance.


Dial 988 for Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

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OK Campus is a space for youth to open up about their struggles with mental health, substance misuse, anxiety, stress and other issues, and to find healthy ways and resources to cope.  

Youth Voices

Hear from local youth about their journey to mental well-being.
Words of Wisdom
"Social Media can impact your mental health. Remember to step back, take a breather. Set  your phone down." -Elly
"Parents should create an environment that is a safe space for their kids so they can trust them with anything and everything - including mental health." -Kiara
"It's important to talk about mental health because you never know what someone is going through." -Daniel
"It's ok to have bad days and we should acknowledge that." -Katy
"There are people out there that care about you... and will be there for you in your darkest of times." Emily
It's important to open up about mental health. If you don't open up it will build up in your head." -Victor

How to Get Help

Looking for help? Get Information about substance misuse and mental health topics for youth to have a better understanding on how it impacts lives, how to see the signs and how to reach out for help at any stage.

Dial 988 for Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

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Start the Conversation

There is no one size fits all to life and no one size fits all for mental health and substance misuse struggles.  Together, we are starting the conversation to stop the social stigma attached to mental health and substance use disorders.
  • Recognize the problem.
  • Understand what triggers that emotion or addiction, and why.
  • Establish a plan of action to counter that trigger.
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