Talking with your friends can make all the difference

Teens who consistently communicate with friends are more likely to seek help for mental health.

Get Connected

Youth engagement is principal to youth development. Involving youth in decision making challenges them to affect themselves and others and happens usually in a setting with youth and adult partnerships.  The benefits of youth engagement include skill building, self-esteem and connectedness. The larger significance can include a community-wide positive change.

Reach out.
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Friday Night Live (FNL)

is a program designed for High school-aged young people to create essential and powerful opportunities that enhance and improve local communities. Join one of our Friday Night Live (FNL) leadership opportunities!


Find the Support You Need

Your mental health matters. Asking for help is a normal part of life, you should never feel you have to take on the world alone. Get informed, know the facts, find your balance.
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How to talk with your friends about mental health and substance misuse

Talking openly with your friends about mental health and substance use increases their knowledge about the topic and their willingness to tell you when issues come up. Use our Q&A guide to start the conversation.

Be the support
your friend deserves

If you suspect your friend is misusing substances, it’s best to sit down and have an honest conversation with them. If you know someone who is using substances, remember to be kind, they need an ally, not an enemy.

Research shows that educating young people about the dangers of substance misuse can drastically reduce the likelihood of developing SUD.